#LetTheMusicMove sign and support the letter Government addressing the impact of Brexit on European haulage and transport for touring. The letter released today, highlights that Government’s current proposals do not consider the needs of small and medium sized touring acts.

Today the Musicians Union, supported by #LetTheMusicMove and a wide range of music representatives, send an open letter to the UK Government regarding the recent call for evidence on specialist event hauliers

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You can read the full letter here.

We are calling on the DfT to work to put in place a legal framework allowing the use of vehicles to carry both passengers and goods for commercial use within the EU and to recognise and agree that there needs to be a total exemption from cabotage and cross trade rules for vehicles that carry both passengers and equipment for the purpose of cultural performances, rehearsals, and recordings.

There is no doubt that without a solution musicians will find the increase in red tape and the restriction of trade a major impairment, not only to their livelihoods, but to the cultural and economic benefit of the UK and Europe. We will all be the poorer if this important part of our economy is not supported.

Thank you for your support so far,